Ways you can support Guna



You can support distribution of Prayers of the Ancient Ones or the production of our upcoming film about the Yeshe De Project directly by making a donation.



We are a volunteer-based organization, comprised of both full-time and part-time volunteers. If you have professional experience in film, animation, graphic design, web design, public relations or events, your skills will be particularly helpful.

If you are fluent in foreign languages, please contact us to learn more about translating our films.

If you are a film professional and would like to be a part of our circle of consultants, that would also be immensely helpful. We are looking for experts in the areas of editing, animation, sound design and all aspects of post-production to act as advisors.

Learn about volunteering full time.


Sponsor a Theater Screening

A great way to bring our films to your community is to sponsor a screening at one of your local theaters. A screening generally costs approximately $1,000 for space rental, travel and publicity. If you’d prefer not to be acknowledged, please let us know, otherwise we would like to include your name on our promotional materials for the screening you sponsor.


Host an Event

We have had beautiful events in art galleries and private residences. If you have a space that you’d like to share for a screening and/or benefit dinner, this would be a wonderful option.


Donate Equipment 

We will gratefully accept moderately used monitors and other equipment related to filmmaking or for general office use. We are currently looking for a tv, dvd player, blu ray player and blu ray burner.


Help Us By Spreading the Word 

Stay up-to-date on the latest news and updates and help us by spreading the word. Please connect with us on Facebook and subscribe to new posts (enter your email at the right side of the page to be contacted when we add a new post to our News section).


If you’d like to sponsor a screening, host an event or donate equipment, please contact: contact@gunafoundation.org or (510)-809-1543