Guna Foundation offers a unique opportunity for talented individuals looking to expand their professional skill set while fostering personal and spiritual growth. We are looking for new volunteers to join our team!


A full-time volunteer at the editing station (left). Recording sound in Bodh Gaya, India (right). 


Full-time Work-Study & Part-time Positions Available:

3D Animators We’re looking for Compositors, Modelers, Matte Painters and Concept Artists to work on assets for our third film, The Great Transmission. If ancient Indian architecture sounds like your cup of tea, please get in touch. Project-based or full-time. 

IT Support If you have experience with Drobos or other data storage systems, that would be fantastic. Troubleshooting is also very appreciated. This role can be combined with other positions depending on your interest and experience. Part-time or full-time. 

Documentary Film Editor We are looking for a skilled lead editor for a 60-90 minute feature length documentary. If you are interested, please send us your portfolio in addition to a resume and short email about why you are a good fit for this position. Preferred Qualifications: excellent knowledge of Adobe Premiere, working knowledge of Final Cut Pro, experience with DSLR cameras (in particular Canon 5D), strong sense of narrative, extensive work experience at a professional or semi-professional setting with a film degree. Full-time. 

Graphic Design and Promotion Brochures, posters and more. Part-time or Full-time. 

Web Design and Development Help with project-based web work. Part-time or Full-time. 

Production Coordinator Get hands on experience with all aspects of coordinating film shoots, from scheduling interviews to making arrangements for international trips. You’ll work closely with all the people involved in a shoot and get a global perspective of the parts involved. Lots of details and responsibility, but also the satisfaction of getting things done. Full-time. 

Cinematographer Get in touch with your reel. Project-based or Full-time. 

Promotion, Distribution & Events Help us submit to film festivals, screen our films, find creative solutions for distribution and fundraise with events and email campaigns. Part-time or full-time. 


How to Apply

Part-time positions Send your reel and/or portfolio for consideration to contact@gunafoundation.org

Full-time positions If you have a sincere interest in joining a residential Buddhist community and learning how to integrate your professional skills into your spiritual practice, please contact us at contact@gunafoundation.org to learn more. Please note that we offer a challenging but rewarding experience. Room and board is provided. We work six days a week and live in shared accommodations. A six-month minimum commitment is required.