Our Work

What We Do

Guna Foundation seeks to document the vision, accomplishments and impact of working to preserve the endangered Tibetan culture. We seek to share the specific achievements of the organizations founded by Tarthang Tulku as well as to explore their larger implications for the wisdom traditions of Tibet and Buddhist civilization as a whole.

Guna Foundation produces documentary films, archives historical footage and creates photo exhibitions all in-house at our studio in Berkeley, CA. Our series of films will continue to present an in-depth perspective on the impact of the activities of Tibetan Nyingma Meditation Center (TNMC).


An Extraordinary Opportunity

The ongoing establishment of Buddhism in the West represents a milestone in the history of human civilization. The efforts of TNMC are a significant part of this extraordinary meeting between East and West. Guna Foundation aims to document the achievements of TNMC, providing a valuable record of and insight into its activities and thereby supporting the continuation of its efforts.


Our Guiding Principles

♦ We believe that the aesthetic and wisdom traditions of Tibet have a tremendous amount to offer the modern world.

♦ We strive to present a window into the beauty, spirit and knowledge of Buddhist traditions, viewing them as part of the precious heritage of humanity.

♦ We stay connected with and inspire people from all walks of life to join our unwavering commitment to preserve the Tibetan culture.

♦ We envision a world in which future generations bring together the best of both East and West in ways that promote universal values.